I moved to Tumblr !!!

I moved  to Tumblr !!!!! you guys should go check it out...

Here is the link...


random stuff!

All this things I havent posted here.... Sorry guys. Also I'm trying to move from blogspot to Tumblr, once I have uploaded all my work I will post the link here.

Anyways.... Here is a bunch of Sketch Dailies...


Not much to say, here is this Valkyrie painting I did.

catching up sunday!

Catchin up on my Sketch_Dailies! latest topic was Barbarella and here she is... super fun painting sexy ladies in space.

dudes will be dudes!

I like a horse with and attitude... this is supposed to be crazy horse for sketch_dailies!

#imaginarypokemon ???

This was my reaction when I read the Sketch_Dailies topic...

Happy St. Patrick's!!!!

not much to say here, hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

Sketch_Dailies update!!!

Some more drawings guys!!!! Bettlejuice, medusa. heffalump and monkey king. Also you can go check out the website and see the amazing amount of talent...



I am Venezuelan, I don't live there anymore but I'm  her every day. I miss the country and there is not a day that goes by I dont remember what it used to be like living there. Now given all the political differences and violence the country is facing, family and friends are constantly present in my mind. I painted this to remind everyone that even though Im not living there, she is always with me.

More Sketch_Dailies!!!!!

here they areeeee!!! just a couple more paintings I've done for Sketch_Dailies! enjoy...

Bonnie without Clyde

This one was supposed to be a sketch_dailies topic, but I took too long to even get started on it and to top it off we're missing Clyde. Oh well....


Just for fun, a blue lady...


By now I'm petty sure everyone one knows about sketch_dailes, but if you don't, you HAVE to get on it. Follow them on twitter, facebook, instagram whatever you like best, and enjoy the awesome amount of artwork posted everyday!!!! Seriously, it's great!
So anyways, here are the sketches I have been doing and posting. Hope y'all enjoy!!!